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Democrats and you can Republicans keeps contrary ranking into of a lot things

Democrats and you can Republicans keeps contrary ranking into of a lot things

opposite (KON tre ree) adj. step one. opposed to; against; 2. contrary in general, purchase, guidelines, etc.; different; 3. posturing yourself so you can consistently differ; depraved -n. the alternative • • • •

examine (KON trast for n., kun TRAST to possess v.) vt. evaluate to be able to find or explain the differences; and then make a part-by-top testing -vi. to display distinctions in contrast -n. 1. a big difference, specifically a striking one, ranging from some things; dos. demonstrating a striking differences, for the colour otherwise build, anywhere between various parts of an artwork, pic, otherwise video picture • You can contrast Hal’s easygoing mannerisms that have R. • Evaluate the appearance of a great ten-karat-yellow gold ring to help you a good fourteen-karat you to, together with variation are immediately noticeable.

• Look at a great rectangle close to several other parallelogram, and you may instantaneously acknowledge the latest contrast. • Changing the brand new examine into the a television commonly ease or solidify the fresh method items alongside one another is differentiated. [-ed, -ing] [Synpare]

Lee’s bore-sergeant temperament

lead (kun TRIB yoot) vt. 1. provide in order to a common money otherwise end up in; dos. to type and provide or offer some writing in https://datingranking.net/local-hookup/denver/ order to a paper, newspaper, or other book; step 3. so you’re able to present otherwise donate training, facts, options, an such like. • Tap usually results in disease-attacking groups. • James Thurber contributed of a lot funny cartoons and you can brief tales to several writers while in the their lifetime. • Of several researchers of your New york Venture shared the brand new records and you may calculations you to definitely led to Robert Oppenheimer’s is the daddy of your atomic bomb. [-d, contributing, share letter.]

contrite (kun TRYT) adj. 1. effect sadness; remorse; dos. demonstrating otherwise as a result of repentance; regretting having over incorrect • Kathy is actually contrite for having removed Rhoda’s automobile versus basic having obtained consent. • Bob’s to avoid conference Gary’s attention immediately following which have damaged his motorboat are caused by his impact contrite. [-ly adv., contrition letter.] [Syn. penitent]

questionable (KON truh Ver shee uhl) adj. subject to otherwise probably cause argument; debatable • The question out of whether to create an alternative vehicle parking driveway are the quintessential debatable topic towards agenda. • Controversial topics are the main topic of societal argument and will polarize views. [-ly adv., debate n.]

controvert (KON truh voert) vt. step one. so you’re able to argue against; dispute; deny; contradict; 2. to help you argue about; debate; mention • It is becoming even more hard to controvert the notion you to lifestyle may have immediately after stayed toward Mars. • Magellan’s trip must have been enough to controvert all notions out-of the latest world’s getting apartment. [-ed, -ing, -ible adj., -ibly adv.] [Syn. disprove]

conundrum (kuh NUHN drm) n. step one. good riddle where in actuality the address contains an effective pun (use terminology); dos. people puzzling matter otherwise disease An effective conundrum’s experience #1 try illustrated in the following the Q & A: Q.

As opposed to preferred advice, Calbert can be dance very well

That deal observe, and the almost every other watches tissues. • Having been anticipate to 3 different The fresh Year’s Eve events, and not trying to harm anybody’s thinking, Olive felt that determining ideas on how to operate was a great conundrum.

convergence* (kuhn VOER jins) n. step 1. a coming together; 2. the point where things work together • The newest convergence out-of Donna’s and you will Flo’s audio appeal sure her or him that they could create as a good duo. • There’s a convergence regarding several paths towards the an individual highway that takes place in the fork. [convergency letter., convergent adj.]

talk (KON ver State shin) letter. 1. the newest act otherwise an incident out of talking together with her; common talk; spoken interchange out of info, viewpoints, etcetera.; 2. a casual conversation on a segmet of preferred notice by one or two governments • Ned and you will Fred had a conversation more coffees, revealing where you might get its motorcycles serviced. • It absolutely was classic within Vanessa’s place of work to discuss agreements into the weekend into the h2o-cool conversations. • Agents regarding Russia and you will The japanese possess discussions occasionally over Russia’s going back Sakhalin to help you The japanese. [-al adj., -friend adv.]

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