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At KOLUMNS, construction is about more than just bricks and mortar – it’s about creating top-quality, enduring spaces where people can thrive. We don’t simply rely on our deep construction know-how, we incorporate insights gained from our experience designing and operating buildings to create a better end result – greater impact and lasting value for you.


The KOLUMNS construction team takes a thoughtful and proactive approach, using what we know about you and your objectives to help realize your vision, not just accepting the status quo or serving as an order taker. 

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Building Plans


At KOLUMNS, our job is to take ideas and shape them into tangible, meaningful structures that bring value to our customers, the people who use the building and the surrounding community. Sometimes that involves paying homage to iconic aesthetics. But great design is something we’re endlessly passionate about.

We believe design success requires a solid balance of science and creativity. We rely on advanced technology and processes, as well as a little heart, to consider the elements that affect beauty, cost, operational efficiency and use. Our experience and expertise are just the beginning; what you do with your project is the real story.


Real estate development can be a complex amalgamation of connections and negotiations, filings and approvals. Because we understand first hand the challenges and opportunities you face. Our collective insights in design, construction, real estate ownership and management allow us to work through complexities and manage every aspect of a project for you, from site analysis and acquisitions to economic incentive structuring and negotiations.

For us, success means developing projects that don’t just fill an empty site, they transform it. We embrace visionary ideas that shape the community story.



KOLUMNS has expertise in designing for various purposes and of different complexity. We provide services — starting with customer contact who has a free piece of land and who does not understand what he will do with it. 


- The exclusive interior design of apartments, cottages, builder floors.

- The turnkey interior design of residential & commercial projects.

- Complete interior renovation

- New construction

- Design and production of furniture and interior items

- Landscaping

- Lighting Design

What we do: Services
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